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3G WCDMA GPS Car Tracker For Australia Singapore Canada Thailand Worldwide

3G WCDMA GPS Car Tracker For Australia Singapore Canada Thailand Worldwide

Worldwide used 3G GPS tracker with RFID and camera

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Product Details

3G WCDMA GPS Car Tracker for Australia Singapore Canada Thailand Worldwide GT08-ER

Product functions of mini 3G GPS Tracker GT08:

  • Real time GPS/GPRS/LBS tracking
  • History position recording and replay
  • Remote voice listening
  • Vibration detection and alert
  • Engine status detection and alert
  • Arm/disarm via SMS/GPRS/call/2.4Ghz RFID tag
  • Speed governor feature
  • Crash sensor to detect accident
  • Fatigue driving alert
  • Speeding alert
  • Multiple geo fencing
  • 2-way communication 
  • Remote oil cut when alarm happens
  • Trace optimizing
  • Power failure alert
  • SOS alert
  • Built-in data logger
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • I/O: 4 digital inputs, 1 digital output & 1 analog input
  • 10V-60VDC
  • Track in different languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese
  • RFID for driver/passenger recognition
  • Camera for snapping photo
  • Free tracking service


Q: What's the function of the RFID tag?
A. The RFID tag can arm/disarm the device automatically, and can be used to manage the drivers' information.
Q: Can it monitor fuel?
A: Yes GT08 can work with fuel sensor to monitor fuel amount in fuel tank.
Q: How do I take photos with this device?
A: You can send a SMS command or GPRS command to take photos whenever you want to.

Q: Where do I check the photos?
A: All history photos will be stored in our server. You can review the photos from tracking platform.

Q: How does the alarm function work?
A: The device is tracker, alarm and diagnostic tool. If someone tries to tamper vehicle, the device will send alert SMS to owner and send alert to software.
Q: When does the device send alarm?
A: Device sends alarm when vehicle is being vibrated/moved, engine is started or device is powered off/disconnected illeagally.

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