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Anti Theft GPS Tracker For Bike Motorcycle Car With Remote Fuel Cut Water Resistant

Anti Theft GPS Tracker For Bike Motorcycle Car With Remote Fuel Cut Water Resistant

Best selling anti theft GPS tracker for all kinds of vehicles

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Anti Theft GPS Tracker for Bike Motorcycle Car with Remote Fuel Cut Water Resistant MT05-ER

Product features of anti theft GPS tracker:

*Supports quad bands,i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, worldwide used.
*Wide Input Voltage:6V-60V DC.

*GPS + GSM (LBS) Tracking
*GPS precise positioning with A-GPS and feedback position via GPRS at given time interval
*Track in real-time and playback
*Web browser platform, Smart phone app.
*Built-in battery, Power disconnect alarm
*Supports multiple alarm, with motion sensor for triggering alarm and power saving purpose
*Supports ACC status checking and vehicle status notifying, ACC ON alarm
*Use relay to remotely control the vehicle..
*Multiple protocol support, USB configuration.
*Mini size, easy to hide and install

*User friendly SMS commands

*Check IMEI

*Reset Hardware

*Offline flash memory to store position when there is no GSM network coverage

Alarm type:
Vibrate Alarm 
Movement Alarm 

Speeding Alarm
Geo-fence Alarm
Power disconnect Alarm
ACC Alarm 

GPS Online Tracking Platform for anti theft GPS tracker

GPS Tracker App:


Q: Is it a GPS device?
A: Yes. It is. The device can be tracked by GPS/GSM/GPRS/LBS.
Q: How much power does it consume? Will the device drown the battery of the motorcycle?
A: The device has smart power saving design. You can set the deivce in power saving mode. It only consumes little power. It's special designed for motorcycle.
Q: Can I stop a car from my phone?
A: Yes. You can stop car by SMS or using the mobile App.
Q: What is your terms of packing?
A: Standard packaging is neutral. It can be customized.
Q: What is your terms of payment?
A: Payment can be made via bank transfer, western union, paypal, cash, wechat, alipay, etc.

Q: Will it work if the vehicle goes outside of my country?
A: The tracker can work worldwide. As long as the SIM card works in other countries, the tracker will work properly.
Q: Is it complicated to set up this device?
A: No. It's easy to set up the device. Only need to send simple SMS command. There's hardcopy manual, and we'll assist you remotely.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: It's water resistant, and works well in all kinds of vehicle.

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