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Best Live Call GPS GSM Car Bus Tracker Device Android With SOS Panic Button RFID Camera

Best Live Call GPS GSM Car Bus Tracker Device Android With SOS Panic Button RFID Camera

GPS Tracker with SOS panic button, RFID, Camera

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Product Details

Best Live Call GPS GSM Car Bus Tracker Device with SOS Panic Button RFID Camera TK510-ER

Features of bus tracker:

  • 100% Brand new and High quality
  • Quad band &built-in antenna
  • Two way locating methods: LBS and GPS
  • Get Google map link by SMS, no need of platform registration
  • Password is required for operation to protect your privacy
  • Built-in CPU to avoid system crash
  • Built-in turn on/off power, supports 10V-60VDC input voltage, suitable for all vehicles
  • Location inquiry by SMS or GPRS 
  • GPS: Ublox7 GPS chipset
  • Door lock/unlock via SMS/GPRS
  • Remote cut off fuel
  • Remote voice listening and two way talking
  • Car accident detection
  • RFID remote control and driver ID manage
  • With camera to take pictures whenever you want
  • Online real-time tracking 

Q: Can it report location if there's no network?
A: The device has internal memory to store history position data. As long as there's valid GPS signal, the history position will be stored and sent to server when GSM network comes back again.

Q: Will I get noticed if someone steals my vehicle?
A: Yes. If someone starts your vehicle illeagally, the device will send out "engine on alarm" to your mobile phone and to the platform.

Q: Can I talk to people who is in the vehicle?

A: Yes. The tracker supports microphone and speaker for two way communication. You can talk to people in vehicle.

Q: Will I know the status of my vehicle?

A: Yes. Vehicle status will be sent to the tracking center, such door status, engine status, etc.

Q: How can I take photos using this device?
A: You can take photos via SMS/GPRS.

Q: Can I take photos whenever I want to?
A: Yes. User can send command to take photos whenever he/she wants to. And the device takes photos automatically when alarm happens.
Q: How can I check the photos?
A: All photos will be saved in our server. You can check the reports.
Q: What certificates does it have?
Q: Can I control the speed of the vehicle?
A: The device has speed limite function. User can program the device to slow down vehicle once it's over speeding.

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