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Hidden Car GPS Tracker Device With IC Card Reader For Fleet Tracking Student

Hidden Car GPS Tracker Device With IC Card Reader For Fleet Tracking Student

CE/FCC/RoHS certified GPS real time Car tracker with IC card reader, microphone, engine immobilizer, offline data logger, battery

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Hidden Car GPS Tracker Device with IC Card Reader for Fleet Tracking Student GT08-ER

Functions of this car gps tracker device:

  1. GSM Quad-band
  2. GPS + GSM + GPRS wireless network
  3. High sensitive GPS Ublox 7 chipset
  4. Real-time tracking via SMS/GPRS
  5. Built-in GSM & GPS antenna, easy to hide
  6. Built-in ON / OFF power, wide voltage input range 10V-60V
  7. Built-in acceleration sensor for vibration alarm and power saving
  8. Support ACC detection, real-time reporting car status
  9. Built-in 350mAh battery for alarm when the power supply is disconnected unexpectedly
  10. Tele-cut off remotely
  11. SOS button for SOS alarm
  12. Ex-ternal microphone for vOice monitor 
  13. Built-in CPU, eliminating breakdown automatically
  14. Check location via platform/mobile App
  15. Lock car secretely via anti-jamming engine immobilizer
  16. Supports fuel sensor to monitor petrol/diesel
  17. Offline data logger to save position in non-GSM area
  18. Configuration via USB, more efficient
  19. Send alert SMS to owner and platform 
  20. Work with IC card reader for drivers/students

Online tracking platform for this car gps tracker hidden

GPS Tracking app


  • Bus
  • Taxi Dispatch
  • Company cars
  • Special vehicles
  • Private car
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Transportation trucks for multi-monitoring
  • School buses


Q: Can I monitor voice in car?
A: Yes, the device has microphone, you can call the device to monitor conversation in car if necessary.

Q: Is it complicated to set up this device?
A: No. It's easy to set up the device. Only need to send simple SMS command. There's hardcopy manual, and we'll assist you remotely.

Q: I will have many clients. Can they monitor their own vehilces seperately?
A: Yes. You will have the admin user, and can create sub user for all your clients. Your clients will only be able to view their own vehicles, but you can view all vehicles.

Q: Do I need to set up my own server to monitor the vehicles/trackers?
A: There're 2 options.
1. You can use our server and platform, only need to pay annual fee.
2. You can prepare your own server and buy tracking platform from us. We'll install the platform on your server.

Q: How does it work for school bus?
Track when students get on the bus
Track when students disembark from the bus
Student security
Ensures the accuracy of each individual student
Students absent from the bus
Students have left the bus at the wrong departure stop
Students who have been left behind on the bus