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GPS Vehicle Tracker System For Sale With RFID Driver Management RS232 Digital Input Output

GPS Vehicle Tracker System For Sale With RFID Driver Management RS232 Digital Input Output

Multifunctional GPS tracker for fleet management, with camera, RFID, speed limiter, alarm siren, crash sensor

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Product Details

GPS Vehicle Tracker System for Sale with RFID Driver Management RS232 Digital Input Output TK510-ER

Key Features 
- High voltage protection 
- Camera  
- Dynamic 2.4Ghz RFID Reader  
- Ultrasonic fuel sensor 
- Temperature sensor 
- Two-way communication 
- Speed governor 

- Anti-jamming engine immobiliser

- Open/close door remotely

Tracking Functions
- GPS+GPRS+GSM Base Station Dual Tracking
- Real Time Tracking
- Time Interval Tracking
- Distance Tracking
- Direction Change Tracking
- Mobile Phone Tracking


Shock alert

Movement alert/tow alert

Engine turned on alert

Door open alert

Anti-tamper alert

Fuel loss alert

SOS alert

Power tamper alert

Geo fence alert

Speeding alert

Crash alert

Fatigue driving alert

Other Functions
 - Stop Car Remotely
 - Flash Memory
 -  5 digital inputs, 5 digital output, 2 analogue inputs
 - Uploading Mode Settings for ACC ON/ACC OFF
 - Tacking Picture via Camera (Optional)
 - Driver Identification and Management via RFID Reader (Optional)

 - Fuel sensor Capacitive type or Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor (Optional)
 - Temperature Sensor (Optional)
 - Voice Monitoring 
 - Two-way Calling  (Optional)
 - Impulse detection (Default speedometer detection) 

Tracking Software  
1. Stop car remotely
2. Route planning
3. Driver management 
4. Re-branding domain support 
5. Support multiple maps multiple languages
6. ACC on/off status alarms, door status alarms and so on
7. Manager/User account privileges, object management.                                              
8. Smart polygon Geo-fence zone management with different colors
9. Fuel monitoring with various fuel reports, including fuel filling, fuel theft, fuel level graph and cost
10. Driving behavior analysis reports such as speeding, fatigue, idling, parking and harsh braking alarms

11. History route replay

12. Send command to device remotely

13. Multple reports

Q & A

Q: Will I know if the device is disconnected from car?
A: Yes. If the device is disconnected illeagally from car, the device will send alert to owner's phone and to platform.

Q: Can it report location if there's no network?
A: The device has internal memory to store history position data. As long as there's valid GPS signal, the history position will be 

stored and sent to server when GSM network comes back again.

Q: How will I know if someone opens my car door?
A: If car door is opened illeagally, the device will send alert to user's mobile phone and to tracking platform.

Q: Will I get noticed if someone steals my vehicle?
A: Yes. If someone starts your vehicle illeagally, the device will send out "engine on alarm" to your mobile phone and to the 


Q: Can I stop a car remotely?
A: Yes, you can stop the car remotely by SMS/GPRS.

Q: Can I monitor voice in car?
A: Yes, the device has microphone, you can call the device to monitor conversation in car if necessary.

Q: Can I know the engine status of my car?
A:  Yes the engine status will be sent to server/platform.