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Hidden GPS GSM Tracking Devices For Sale With Photo Camera

Hidden GPS GSM Tracking Devices For Sale With Photo Camera

GPS GSM tracking devices supports fuel monitoring and temperature monitoring

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Product Details

Hidden GPS GSM Tracking Devices for Sale with Photo Camera TK510-ER

Features of GSM tracking device:

1. Check location through google map link

2. Active RFID Driver ID identification or Mifare1 IC card reading (optional)

3. Crash alarm.

If there is crash, the crash sensor will detect it and send out alarm.

4. Fatigue driving alarm.

If continuous driving time is over the limitation, the siren will sound to warn the driver;

5. Anti-tamper alarm.

User can connect input2 to ground, once input2 is disconnected, it will trigger this alarm.

6. Lock/unlock door.

User can lock/unlock whenever he wants to.

Door can be locked/unlocked automatically when devices is being armed/disarmed.

7. Take picture automatically when alarm happens.

8. Lock engine when alarm happens.

9. Trace Optimization.

When the vehicle turns a certain angle: X degree, the device will report one location immediately.

10. Clear data logger remotely.

It will format the cache of the memory and delete all the stored offline GPS data

11.8M-bit offline data logger, it can store up to 9,090 waypoints

12. Supports fuel sensor and temperature sensor.

13. 5 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs & 5 digital outputs.

I/O of the hidden GPS tracking device

hidden gps tracking device.jpg

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