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Micro Small Portable GPS Tracker With OBDII Port No Wire Connection

Micro Small Portable GPS Tracker With OBDII Port No Wire Connection

1.With OBDII dongle, no wire connection
2. Detect ignition on/off
3.With GPS data logger
4. For car and truck

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Product Details

Micro Small Portable GPS Tracker with OBDII Port No Wire Connection TK208S-ER

Features of portable GPS tracker: 

1. Track this small GPS tracker by SMS, Web or APP;

2. RFID identification, this micro gps tracker supports 2.4G active RFID reader & Mifare1 IC card reader;(optional)

3. Can arm/disarm by SMS/web/calling/RFID tag;

4. Check real time physical address by SMS/GPRS (such as city & street name.);

5. Check location by LBS directly even there is no any GPS signal;

6. Detect engine on/off status smartly;

7. Ignition on alarm, power cut off alarm, vibration alarm, movement alarm, Geo-fence, over-speed alarm;

8. Track this small gps tracker by time interval or by distance;

9. Supports wireless immoblizer to stop vehicle safely by SMS or Web(optional);

10.  With speed limit feature, when vehicle is over speeding, the relay will response to slow down the vehicle automatically;

11. Works with crash sensor, when there is crash, the device can detect it automatically;(optional)

12. Wide working voltage:10V-60VDC, suitable for car, trucks with OBD connector;

13. Smart Power saving design in order to protect vehicle battery;                

14. Trace optimization when vehicles turns a corner;

15. 8M-bit offline GPS data logger, it can store about 9,090 waypoints.

16. User-defined SMS contents in multi languages;                               

17.Industrial design with high performance ARM7 processor;

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