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Universal OBD Car Anti Theft Security Alarm System With Anti Jamming Immobilizer

Universal OBD Car Anti Theft Security Alarm System With Anti Jamming Immobilizer

GPS tracker and car alarm reading OBDII data

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Universal OBD Car Anti Theft Security Alarm System with Anti jamming Immobilizer TK228-ER

Features of OBD car alarm:

  • Applies to MOST vehicles which are compatible with OBDII
  • Plug into the car OBD socket 
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • GSM/GPS LED Indicator 
  • Initialization 
  • Change Password 
  • Phone number authorization
  • Configure how OBD data to be sent to Server Center 
  • Request for OBD data by SMS/BLUETOOTH
  • Set mileage 
  • Notification of Vehicle fault
  • Anti jamming immobilizer to lock engine when someone tries to start engine without permission
  • RFID tag for driver/passenger/student
  • Single Locating 
  • Track with unlimited times upon time interval: Smart track upon time and distance interval:
  • Automatic update positions of vehicle turns 
  • GPS drift suppression 
  • Location based service (LBS) 
  • Voice Monitor
  • Data logging 
  • Data Load 
  • Alarm Functions: Vibrate alarm, movement alarm, engine turned on alarm, unplug alarm, power off alarm
  • Set up arm/disarm by SMS/GPRS/Bluetooth
  • Alarms under Arm State Shock sensor alarm
  • Forward the third parties' message 
  • Check the Vehicle State 
  • Check IMEI 
  • Terminal (local) Time Setting 
  • Reset Tracker
  • Sleep Mode
  • GPRS Setting Configure 
  • Web platform and PC installation tracking software
  • Multiple reports: different alarm reports, history location report, OBD data report, driver bevior report, driving report, RFID report


Q: Is it bluetooth enabled?
A: Yes. OBDII TK228 is bluetooth enabled. It can transmit OBDII data via bluetooth.
Q: Can it read engine fault code?
A: Yes. It can read engine fault code from car's ECU directly. 

Q: Can it read fuel?

Yes, TK228 reads fuel consumption from car's ECU. You can check fuel consumption in report. 

Q: Can it read driver behavior data?

Yes. OBD car alarm TK228 reads harsh acceleration, harsh braking, speed, etc from car's ECU directly.

Q: How does it send OBDII data?
A: It can send OBDII data through GPRS and bluetooth.

Q: What's the function of the RFID tag?
A. The RFID tag can arm/disarm the device automatically, and can be used to manage the drivers' information.
Q: What happens if someone unplugs/powers off the OBDII?
A: If someone unplugs the OBDII illeagally, the OBDII device will send alert to owner and to platform immediately. And immobilizer will lock engine immediately.

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