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GPS Car/Motorbike Tracker with RFID Remote Control, SMS Alarm, History Report, Parking Report

mini gps tracker keychain,for car motor GT08,with Mobile APP tracking,CE,FCC passed CONTENT Preface 2 I. Features & Functions 3 II. How to Operate it 4 Authorize the Alarm-received Phone No. 4 Arm/Disarm by Phone Calling 4 Check the Vehicle's Status 5 Arm/Disarm the System by SMS 5 Check...

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mini gps tracker keychain,for car motor GT08,with Mobile APP tracking,CE,FCC passed


Preface 2
I. Features & Functions 3
II. How to Operate it 4
Authorize the Alarm-received Phone No. 4
Arm/Disarm by Phone Calling 4
Check the Vehicle's Status 5
Arm/Disarm the System by SMS 5
Check the location by Google Map's URL 5
Check the Real Physical Address 6
Check the Real Physical Address Directly without Server 6
Check the Location by GSM Base Station Code 6
Change User Password 6
Stop the Car by SMS 7
Restore Car from Being Stopped 7
Monitor the Voice around the Car 7
Two-way Talking 7
Over-speed Alert 8
Speed Limiter 8
Power Save Mode 8
Fatigue Driving Alarm 9
Show the SMS Content in Languages. 9
Define the SMS Content in other languages 9
Other SMS Command List 10
III. The Setting for GPRS Connection 13
IV. Snap Photo & Monitor via MMS/Email/Platform 15
V. RFID Car Alarm Functions and How to use 16
VI. Alarm Types 18
VII. Installation 19
VIII . Specifications 23
IX. FAQs & Troubleshooting 24
X. Maintenance 24


GT08 GPS Vehicle tracker is the most advanced & cost-effective solution for vehicle security, real-time tracking & fleet management. It has the following unique functions:
?RFID car alarm system with long-distance tag;
?Crash alarm, speed limiter & fatigue driving alarm.

Read it Firstly: 

Please read this manual thoroughly before you use the device; please keep it for future reference.


(1) Please keep the device away from heavy water, high temperature, heavy dust or strong magnetism.
(2) Please prepare a valid GSM SIM card in advance.
(3) For safety reason, do not tell other people the mobile phone number of your TK108.


We strongly suggest user let the professional car electrician to install the system.

I. Features & Functions 

1.GPS tracker + RFID Car alarm with long-distance tag;
2.Active RFID Driver ID identification(optional)
3.Track on command or by time interval or by distance;
4.Arm/disarm by SMS, phone call;
5.Arm/disarm automatically by 2.4G RFID tag(optional);
6.Check the car's real physical address (such as city name, street name..);
7.Track by mobile SMS to get the latitude, longitude, speed, direction & odometer etc.
8.Check the location directly by the Google map's URL;
9.Over-speed alert, Geo-fence alert, movement alarm;
10.Speed limiter, when the speed is over limitation, the siren will sound to warn driver & relay will response to slow down the car automatically;
11.Crash alarm, when there is crash & it can detect it automatically;(optional)
12.Fatigue driving alarm, if continuous driving time is over the limitation, the siren will sound to warn the driver;
13.Check the coordinates via LBS, even there is no any GPS signal..
14.Support voice monitoring & 2-way talking;
15.Cut off engine to stop the car safely by SMS/GPRS;
16.Built-in shock sensor for power saving & triggering alarm
17.Built-in rechargeable backup battery; when the car battery is cut off or low enough, the system will send out power failure alert immediately.
18.SOS alarm & anti-tamper alarm, once the wiring harness is disconnected, it will trigger this alarm;
19.Support analog input for fuel monitoring or temperature monitoring, fuel loss alarm;
20.I/O: 5 digital inputs, 1 analog inputs & 1 digital outputs;
21.Wide working voltage range, from 6V-45VDC, suitable for car or big truck.
22.There are 3 types of working mode for power saving flexibly.
23.8M-bit offline data logger, it can store up to 9,090 waypoints.
SMS content in multi-languages(English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese)


Working voltage:


Power Consumption

Working current:50mA;
Peak current:800mA

Inside Backup battery:

Rechargeable 3.7V 300mAh Li-ion battery

Size of the main unit:


Weight of the main unit:


Working temperature:

-20~85 centigrade



GSM frequencies:


GPS chip:

U-blox chipest

Receiving ways:

20 channels

Working frequencies

1575.42Mhz C/A(GPS)

Receiving senibility


Positioning accuracy

≤10m(wide-open area)

Speed accuracy:

≤0.2M/S(wide-open area)

Positioning mode

Auto 2D/3D

Hot start

1 sec.,average

Warm start

2 sec.,average

Cold start

40 sec.,average

Alarm types:
Vibrtion alarm, Power failure alarm,Engine on alarm, movement alarm,Geo-gence alarm,Over-speed alarm,SOS alarm(optional).

Packaging & Shipping
We usually use DHL,Fedex,EMS express.You can also assign your special couriers.

Our Services
1.One year warranty,3 years maintenance.
2.After sales technology support service.
3.Customization/OEM/ODM/Buyers labeling service is welcomed!
4.Easy to use free online tracking platform in our server.  

Company Information

Tracking platform
Online tracking platform TS05


· Question: What certificates do you have?

· Answer: Strict quality control is executed in each link of the whole production process. Everu step from materials to semi-finished items to completed products is operated according to the requirements of ISO9001,CE,FCC & FoHS,coupled with strict in-house quality control ensures that all our products conform to the highest international standards.

· Question: Can you put my brand name (logo) on these products?

· Answer: Yes, of course. OEM service is the most important part of our trade purpose.

· Question: What payment method do you accept?

· Answer: T/T, L/C,Western Union, PayPal,Cash,etc.

· Question: What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for your OEM service?

· Answer: 100-200 pcs per each model.

· Question: What is the lead time of your products? (How long do you need to prepare my goods?)

· Answer: Delivery is arrange in 3 working days upon receipt of the payment.

· Question: How will you deliver my goods to me?

· Answer: We cooperate with international expresses such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT to enable our customers get their goods rapidly.

· Question: How long do I need to wait before my goods arrive?

· Answer:  3-5 days for international express.

· Question: What is your product quality?

· Answer: Our raw materials are purchased from qualified suppliers. And we have a strong quality control team to guarantee our quality. Our trade spirit is 'NO ONE TIME BUSINESS, BUT ONE STOP SERVICE'. Our good quality keeps 95% of our customers coming back!!

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