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GT08 Mini GPS Tracker with Micphone (New Design) Scan desprition:
1 Sample $45/pc mini gps tracker
2 Mini GPS design for Odometer
3 Track by time interval or by distance
4 SMS/GPRS avaliable.
5.Sample Price $35/pc.
Good Selling Point: Overspeed Alert 111111SPD:X x is the speed in KM/H , maximum...

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Product Details

GT08 Mini GPS Tracker with Micphone (New Design) 

Scan desprition: 

1 mini gps tracker U-blox7 chipset

2 Mini GPS design for Odometer

3 Track by time interval or by distance

4 SMS/GPRS avaliable. 

5.Best Price $25-$33/pc. 

Good Selling Point:
Over-speed Alert
111111SPD:X   x is the speed in KM/H , maximum value is 255M/H  
(For example: 111111SPD:120, if the car speed is over 120KM/H, it will send out warning alert by SMS/platform).
111111SPD:0   to disable the over-speed alert. It is the default setting.
111111SPD:   to check the setting of over-speed alert.
Remark: this function is just for reference, because there might be some time delay or error in detecting the running car's real speed by GPS. Default speed limitation is 120KM/H.

Speed Limiter
After user sets the speed limitation by command 111111SPD:X, if car is over speed, the siren will sound & the car will slow down gradually.
(X=1, activate siren; X=0: deactivate siren; default=1)   
(X=1, activate relay; X=0: deactivate relay; default=1)   

Power Save Mode
SMS command: 111111PWR:X
Value of X Actions Power consumption
0 (default) Disable power save mode 60mA
1 Close GPRS connection 48mA
2 Close GPRS connection, GPS module 13mA
3 Close GPRS connection, GPS module & GSM module 6mA
After setting 111111PWR:1(or 2, or 3), if there is no vibration & SOS alarm, integration line is not triggered, and ACC is OFF, the tracker will go into power save mode after 5 minutes.
Once there is vibration or SOS alarm, or integration line is triggered, or ACC is ON, the tracker will wake up from the power save mode immediately.

Fatigue Driving Alarm
When this function is activated, if the engine is turned on for a certain time, the siren will sound to warn the driver. The SMS command:
111111TIR:1:X,        (with, at the end)
X: is time in minutes (default: X=180 minutes, maximum:65535 minutes)
Example: 111111TIR:1:120,

Show the SMS Content in Languages.
SMS command: 111111LNG:X
it is used to define the SMS content in different languages.
X=0, English;     X=1, Chinese;     X=2, Arabic;
X=3, Portuguese;     X=4, Spanish;    (Default setting: X=0, English)

Define the SMS Content in other languages
Step 1:  choose the language mode such as: 111111LNG:4 to change to Spanish language firstly.
Step 2: Define your own text by the following command:
(1)6 pieces of strings can be defined in one command.
(2)nn: 2bits, range:01~18
(3)the number of letters in each str. can't be more than 8
(4)the character (.) ,(.),(!) can't be showed in str.

Example: 111111TXT:09:vibraciĆ³n! is to define the alarm text in Spanish when the shock sensor is triggered nn Meaning of Str.
01 Arm
02 Disarm
03 Power failure alert
04 SOS alert(in1)
05 Engine ON alert (in4)
06 Vibration alert
07 Stop the car(out1)
08 Restore the car(out1)
09 Over-speed alert
10 Original alarm's triggering(in5)
11 Geo-fence alert
12 Movement alert
13 The vehicle can't be stopped
14 Crash alert
15 Car door open alert(in3)
16 Broken line alert (in2)
17 Fuel loss alert
18 Un-define

Standard Package:

Packing List

main unit


4pin wiring








Supported Center:

TS05 tracking website,
username: 12345,  password: 12345

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