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Mini GPS Tracking Chip For Motorcycle Car Vehicle Fleet

Mini GPS Tracking Chip For Motorcycle Car Vehicle Fleet

Mini GPS Tracking Chip for all kinds of vehicle

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Product Details

Mini GPS Tracking Chip for Motorcycle Car Vehicle Fleet MT05-ER


GPS + GSM + GPRS wireless network

Built-in high sensitive GPS chipset

Built-in GSM & GPS antenna

Real-time tracking

Tele-cut-off (petrol / electricity) 

Start working automatically after electrifying

Built-in monitor circuits to avoid breakdown

Built-in ON / OFF power, wide voltage input range

Built-in shock sensor for saving power intelligently

Various vehicle reports

Stolen Vehicle Recovery


Working   voltage:

+6.0 ~+45VDC

Power   Consumption:


Working current: 50mA;

Peak   current: 800mA;

Inside Backup battery:

Rechargeable 3.7V 100mAh Li-ion   battery

Size of   the main unit:

40*58*14.5 (mm)

Weight   of the main unit:


Working   temperature:

-20 ~ 85


0 ~ 95%

GSM   frequencies:

Quad-band: 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz

GPS chip:

U-blox 7 chipset

Receiving ways

56 channels

Working frequencies

1575.42Mhz C/AGPS

Receiving sensibility


Positioning accuracy

≤10m (wide-open area)

Speed accuracy

≤0.2M/S (wide-open area)

Positioning mode

Auto 2D/3D

Hot start

1 sec., average

Warm start

2 sec., average

Cold start

40 sec., average

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