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Electric car GPS alarm function
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Due to electric vehicles compact, convenient that also makes it easy to steal and easy to sell. According to surveys conducted over the network, 25% experience of owners of vehicles have been stolen, the electric car theft crime time is short, fast transfer, leading to very low detection rate. What about how to protect their own electric cars?

Eelink communication technology center applies advanced GPS technology to personnel and vehicle location service, launched in electric vehicle GPS positioning anti-theft products for owners by phone with GPS anti-theft Locators to establish certified 1-on-1 relationship, by monitoring the platform can record the location information of the electric car. If stolen the first time location and the information is sent to the owner's phone. Electric cars GPS anti-theft locators what functions?

1, location query: car owners can use a cell phone APP or PC terminal for electric vehicles current location queries.

2, vibration alarm: when the electric shocks, car owners can receive alarm messages.

3, electronic fences: when electric vehicles when leaving the owner of this location, the owners can receive alarm messages.

4, history of: the platform owner can query 3-6-month track record.

5, remote oil: the owner via SMS, phone APP send instructions electric car GPS anti-theft locators oil.

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