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GPS Locator LBS refers to what?
- Nov 30, 2016 -

GPS Locator "LBS" refers to what?

Answer: GPS positioning device in the of "LBS" is Location Based Service of referred to, base station positioning, it is through telecommunications mobile operators of network (as GSM network) Gets Mobile Terminal user of location information (longitude degrees coordinates), in electronic map platform of support Xia, for user provides corresponding service of a value-added business, for example currently mobile dynamic zone provides of dynamic location query service,.

Advantages: LBS of advantage is a convenient, low cost, because it is located at an existing base stations. In theory, if the signal difference calculation of three base stations, you can determine the location of the device, and not under the influence of weather, buildings, locations, etc.

Cons: location accuracy varies with the location of base stations different numbers will change, greater the number of base stations, less errors. Error about 50-500 meters, or cell phone towers in remote areas into smaller regions, this error may be greater.