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GPS Locator, position accuracy is affected by those factors?
- Nov 30, 2016 -

GPS positioning is to use a set of satellite pseudorange measurements, ephemeris, satellite launch time Yes, but must also know the user clock error. Thus, colloquially if you know the latitude and longitude would also like to know the height, then, must be received 4 satellites accurate positioning.

Those factors affect a positioning accuracy of GPS Locator

1, the atmosphere: ionosphere electronic properties of unstable, will greatly impact on the wireless signal. Filled with water vapor in the troposphere, affecting radio wave transmission speed.

2, Road King jamming: obstacle near the GPS signal in the receiver times the impact of, such as nearby buildings, mountains, and sometimes even being completely blocked.

3, the current number of visible GPS satellites: known by the opening, to accurately must be received 4 satellites can, number of visible GPS satellites is also an important factor.

4, visible GPS satellite distribution: If several satellites to be captured when the angle formed between, receiving results better, otherwise the effect to teach poor.

5, satellite clock and orbit error:

6, under the influence of environment: indoor, on the land and water areas.

7, human disturbance: United States to international security interests require, introduced in 1992 the so-called SA policy, restrictions on the positioning accuracy of the artificial and interference,