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GPS Locator usage scenarios
- Nov 30, 2016 -

GPS Locator can be divided into the vehicle, personal, pets, as well as the positioning and tracking of goods.

Individual: for the careful monitoring of children and the elderly, can know in real time the location of children and the elderly, emergency, can a GPS Locator key SOS told the guardian, to deal with emergency situations in a timely manner.

Vehicles: GPS Locator for automotive, motorcycle and so on, remote location, oil, remote phones, computers viewing locations at any time. Also have the function of monitoring and SOS for help.

Typical application fields are: logistics management, vehicle fleet management, bus, insurance companies, power companies, oil companies, communications companies, taxi companies, automobile sales company, scale of car leasing companies, rental cars less-than-truckload companies, automobile clubs, SME fleet, auto repair, automotive technology researchers, individual owners.

Pets: by PC-side or view pet APP. Also see pet trajectory.

Goods: goods topped with GPS Locator, you can find out what items to the location in real time.

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