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How to Make Truck Drivers Understand and Accept Installed GPS Positioner
- May 25, 2018 -


I. Explain the benefits of installing GPS locators, including:


1. Improve safety


2. Improve efficiency


3. Reduce paperwork


4. Does not need to manually record in and out data


Ⅱ.Talk about the GPS locator recorded work content


1. The location of the vehicle


2. Driving directions


3. Stay time


4. Current speed


Ⅲ.Explain the installation of GPS on the work of the help


The GPS locator can protect the driver from speeding and fatigue driving, thus ensuring the driver's safety and reducing the burden of transportation. In addition, the GPS locator can show the position and transport status of the vehicle, so that customers can be prevented from saying that the goods have not been delivered.

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