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How to set up your GPS Locator service monitoring platform?
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Now under the first GPS Locator, GPS positioning and monitoring platform for manufacturers to provide it, this is to a large extent, the embodiment of strength, there are two commercially available GPS monitoring platform, a manufacturer to outsource software development company, is to employ research and development personnel to develop.

And if your GPS Locator, you can set up a service platform, provided by GPS company agreement, researchers themselves to develop. Of course, such projects are generally calculated on a year, doing this is that you can protect your company's data security.

And if the number of hundreds of words, it is not recommended to set up their own platform. In addition to the high cost, a cost a lot of time spent. GPS Locator can be used directly the company's services platform. How to choose a good GPS positioning platform?

1, GPS positioning and monitoring platform must be independently developed, much of it outsourcing in the market if you think agent of this product, it must be under field trips, if there is any Terminal retail clients, there must be an experience account try also to look up on the Internet.

2, GPS positioning and monitoring platforms should be stable. Stability here is stop error occurred and have this platform is the same, but is not an error, no error is possible, but also to have a very fast reaction mechanism difficult to quickly solve the problem.

3, good user experience. The user experience is mainly reflected on ease of use, this allows manufacturers to give you a platform to use the account.

Charge on 4, on the issue. As for people who have a certain understanding of the industry, platform fees are normal, can be charged, as we all know, profits of industrial products in General is low, charge merchant platform, give yourself a little profit on the one hand, on the one hand can give the user a very good service.

5, platform implementation. This is very important, many maps show the vehicle mileage statistics, travel details, track playback etc must have, but it is not more platform features, the better, which is fine.