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How to use the car GPS locator?
- Aug 15, 2018 -

1. Identify the line of the car GPS locator

Check whether the required positioning terminal accessories and wiring tools are complete.

Only three lines need to be connected in the simple GPS locator, so first find out the following lines of the bold font in the car.


GPS Locator Red Line → Car Power Positive

GPS Locator Black Line → Automotive Power Negative

GPS Locator White Line → Car ACC/Key Line (Detect engine switch status, mandatory)

2. Install SIM card for Gps Car Navigator

     Many friends don't understand why the GPS positioning system needs to install a mobile phone card. In fact, the SIM card plays an important role in the GPS positioning system. Simply put, the GPS locator is responsible for collecting the latitude and longitude data of the terminal. After collecting the latitude and longitude data, the SIM card is passed. The GSM network transmits the positioning data to the designated background in the form of GPRS, and finally forms a positioning monitoring system.

3. Pick up the car GPS locator line

     After loading the card, go back to the first step. Install the wire sequences of various colors to ensure that the connectors are not loose and do not enter the water. Please use the standard car circuit wiring method to connect the wiring process, and must not be perfunctory. The wiring is not well handled. On the one hand, it is easy to make the GPS locator fail to work, and there is also a certain safety hazard of short-circuit fire.

     The wire ends should be protected by heat-shrinkable tubes to ensure that they are not easy to fall off or enter the water. Then bundle it with waterproof tape and bundle it with the original car line.

4. Car GPS locator terminal fixed

        The GPS positioner is small and easy to install in a concealed manner. The common fixed position is to remove the main drive/sub-drive front bezel, and in the inner space, there are seats underground, trunk and so on. On the one hand, it ensures that the GPS antenna can receive satellite signals normally, and it can ensure that the vehicle does not easily enter the water when the vehicle is washed, resulting in the terminal burning.

5. Activate the car GPS locator

     After all the above steps are completed, the vehicle is restored. Then, the license plate number, the terminal ID, the SIM card number and other information are sent to the customer service personnel for activation, so that the vehicle can be positioned and managed in the computer, the mobile phone, and the WeChat. Since then the GPS locator has been installed.

     After completing the above steps, the car GPS locator can be used normally.

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