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Installing car GPS Locator can find cars?
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Car GPS Locator is a real-time location system when shaken, leave the electronic fence setting range exception behavior. Platform will let owners of GPS positioning, and then can view real-time location by location platform and remote motor short circuit open. No matter when and where, as long as your mobile phone APP or PC to monitor your car and let him get the best protection.

Vehicle Locator is generally divided into terminal, portable, OBD Locator.

Connection type:

GPS Locator line butt, can know in real time the location of the vehicle. Wiring installation is usually installed in the front center console Panel, rear panel below the windshield, front door mirror, bumper. Ensure that the GPS Locator concealed, tamper.


Moves such as the communications GPT06, GPT26 is a portable GPS Locator, can be placed anywhere in the car. Only major is positioning itself in power. Portable Locator is to take the battery in and of itself, so you know.

OBD Locator:

This Locator is the most simple, directly into the OBD interface can be used. But poor concealment and easy removal.

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