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Micro GPS Locators (K30 Locator) how to use
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Micro GPS Locators (K30 Locator) based on GPS/WiFi/LBS network and GPS satellite positioning system, via text message or the APP locates a remote target or monitoring. Historic trails, GPS, cell phone, computer query queries and so on. Below the small series describes the following features of this product:

1, triple positioning security more

Micro GPS Locators (K30 Locator) integrates GPS/WiFi/LBS triple position, automatically switching network based on environment, outdoor 10 meters accuracy can be achieved. Mobile APP real-time action queries, his movements at a glance, you're worried about, we told you all put your mind at ease.

2, HD double talk prevention of harassment

Micro GPS Locators (K30 Locator) set only the guardian can call in, screened telephone harassment and hostile strangers. Guardian APP enables number dialing through telephone on remote monitoring, child knows things.

3, historical view

Micro GPS Locators (K30 Locator) can be picked at any time nearly 90 day tracks for playback. Display during playback at the place and time of travel, speed, travel.

4, a key emergency SOS

Micro GPS Locators (K30 Locator) when in case of emergency, can press a call button for 3 seconds, you can call guardian's phone number on the platform, let your baby for the first time to contact his family.

5, electronic fences to prevent dangerous

By setting the electronic fence RADIUS mobile APP, when TA outside the set range, cell phone APP alerts, dynamic of first time TA, guard more comprehensive.

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