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OBD Locator VS Strong magnetic GPS locator, who is the king?
- Jul 05, 2018 -

OBD, also known as on-board diagnostic system, is also called on-board diagnostics, which is the input and output interface for automotive digital information. This makes the car no longer a purely mechanical device, but an information device that generates data at all times. And intelligence and information are inseparable, so the real car network or smart car will inevitably use the OBD interface.

From 2007 to the present, cars have generally owned OBD interfaces, and relevant departments will use OBD to monitor vehicles for high emissions, and now they are the key information exporters for automotive intelligence. The popular OBD interface breaks the information barrier of the car, turns the icy car indicator data into usable information, and even writes some information to influence the car's movements.

OBD can collect the basic data and positioning data of the car, analyze the data to formulate plans for car maintenance, or change the way the car insurance is quoted. The strong magnetic GPS locator seems to have only changed the way it is installed. It seems that the OBD locator is slightly better.

However, most car owners or car loan industries install GPS locators to protect the safety of vehicles. Now, the illegal elements are rampant, they need anti-shielding and anti-detection functions, and the OBD locator is connected to the OBD interface of the car. It is not easy to hide, it is easy to be detected and destroyed, and normal positioning function cannot be realized. The strong magnetic GPS locator itself has anti-shield and anti-detection, the volume is relatively small, easy to hide, not easy to be found. The strong magnetic locator wins with one stroke.

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