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Simple analysis of advantages and disadvantages of GPS
- Nov 30, 2016 -

The advantages of GPS

1. Global positioning. More GPS satellites, and evenly to ensure any time anywhere on Earth at least 4 GPS satellite is also observed to ensure a continuous navigation and positioning services worldwide (apart from the lightning should not be observed).

2.High positioning accuracy. GPS relative positioning within 50km up to 10-6m,100-500km up to 10-7m,1000km up to 10-9m. In precision positioning of 300-1500m project, when more than 1 hour observation explained the position error is less than 1mm, and ME-5000 electromagnetic wave distance measurement for the determination of the edge length compared to its poorer side up to 0.5mm, proofing errors in 0.3mm.

3.Time is short. With the perfection of GPS systems, 20km relative stationary positioning, just 15-20 minutes; when each mobile station and base station, which in 15KM when station 1-2 minutes observation time; real-time dynamic positioning mode, each station takes just a few seconds.

4.Without intervisibility between the stations. GPS measurements require only open above the station, stations are not required to pass each other, eliminating the need to build target.

5.The equipment is easy to operate. With the improvement of GPS receiver, GPS measurements of high degree of automation, has become a "fool".

6.Can provide globally consistent dimensional geocentric coordinates. The precision of GPS level to meet the four leveling, in addition, GPS positioning is calculated in the WGS-84 coordinates of the globally harmonized system, the global survey results are interrelated in different locations.

7.Strong adaptability. GPS has better adaptability, the environment is very small. Such as desert, mountain, island, etc.

Second, GPS use disadvantages

1. GPS position not being 100%, indoor location more precisely. GPS would also be a variety of effects, including buildings, viaducts, electric wave, and so on, generally GPS in more open space location more precisely.

2.Under the influence of sky satellite state. Use GPS do not use one or two times decided to GPS or a day or two, because of the satellite in the sky varies every day, probably the same place, signals this morning, but evening cannot be located. Even position not to happen for several days.

3.Interior cannot be located. Because GPS is receiving satellite signals down, so the room is not GPS. But basically indoor location have no meaning, or at least I am not at home navigation.

4.GPS instruments, may be the difference between the effect of.

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