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The Beidou satellite navigation or implements indoor location
- Nov 30, 2016 -

A lot of people think, Beidou navigation sounds "on the big", but they are far away from. In fact, many people are using Beidou navigation but does not know now about 80% mobile positioning function, 30% left and right launched Beidou navigation.

Beidou navigation application areas in which there is a great deal? According to reports, the current navigation services accounting for about 50% foreign global satellite navigation system, in 2015, 9%, by 2020 may account for any, there is still a lot of room to grow. China's annual sales of automotive 2000duowanliang, if ships standard with Beidou navigation as installed on the vehicle, but also a huge market.

Children lost in shopping malls, but have no idea where to start looking? Indoor localization using the Beidou satellite navigation, which floor the room at a glance. High accurate indoor positioning, Apple cannot for the time being. It is regrettable that now this technique has yet to enter a public stage. "Technology platform has been set up, the key is to apply, provide quality services. "Cao Chong then fusion development is the trend, that is, the associated information such as time, space, and integrated industries, opened a new era of high precision mass.

Now the biggest problem is on the industrial applications of the Big Dipper, and now is mainly driven by policy and Government funds, Government funds are limited, the real driving forces still rely on market-driven.