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what is South Africa Telecom ICASA
- Jul 19, 2017 -

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One, South Africa Telecom ICASA 

ICASA: for wireless communication equipment export to South Africa market, South Africa needs to the independent communications authority (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, referred to as ICASA) for type certification application, approval to sell. This is also equivalent to the domestic network type approval

For South Africa's ICASA certification, ICASA certification can only need to pay attention to is awarded to local South African registered company or agency, so the domestic manufacturers to apply ICASA to the best by the local importer, but the test can be performed at home

Two, the relevant laws of South Africa Telecom

Independent communications regulation of South Africa, ICASA Act

Electronic communications act, Electronic, Communications, Act

Postal law, Postal Act

Broadcasting law, Broadcasting Act

Independent broadcasting regulation act, Independent, Broadcasting, Authority, Act

Telecommunications Act, Telecommunications Act

South African Telecommunications Management Act; South Africa Telecoms Regulator Act

Gps tracker need this certification