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Best Portable Vehicle GPS Locator With Engine Block And Ignition ON/OFF

Best Portable Vehicle GPS Locator With Engine Block And Ignition ON/OFF

Best mini GPS locator for all vehicles

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Best Portable Vehicle GPS Locator with Engine Block and Ignition ON/OFF MT05-ER

Features and functions of best GPS locator:

1. Real-time GSM/GPRS/AGPS  tracking and positioning
2. Web-based online tracking platform and App
3. Geo-fence alarm function
4. High sensitive GPS chipset
5. Built-in GSM & GPS antenna
6. ACC status detection and alarm
7. Compact size and fast installation design
8. Tele-cut off petrol 
9. Built-in battery standby when the engine is off

10. Read odometer

11. Built-in AGPS to receive GPS signal faster

12. Sending history data in batch fast

13. Reliable design of framework with hardware watchdog.

14.  Data logger to store 5520 waypoints.

15. Built-in shock sensor

How to track vehicle using this vehicle GPS locator:

Track by sms

1. Send 111111ADD to get real physical address of the vehicle.

2. Send 111111CHK to get GPS coordinates, and then track it on Google earth.

3. Send 111111MAP to check location on Google map.

gps locator.jpg

Track on platform
1. Real-time tracking on the platform

2.  Play history trace to know where it has gone.

gps tracking platform.jpg

Specifications of portable GPS tracker:

Working   voltage:

+6.0 ~+45VDC

Power   Consumption:


Working current: 50mA;

Peak   current: 800mA;

Inside Backup battery:

Rechargeable 3.7V 100mAh Li-ion   battery

Size of   the main unit:

40*58*14.5 (mm)

Weight   of the main unit:


Working   temperature:

-20 ~ 85


0 ~ 95%

GSM   frequencies:

Quad-band: 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz

GPS chip:

U-blox 7 chipset

Receiving ways

56 channels

Working frequencies

1575.42Mhz C/AGPS

Receiving sensibility


Positioning accuracy

≤10m (wide-open area)

Speed accuracy

≤0.2M/S (wide-open area)

Positioning mode

Auto 2D/3D

Hot start

1 sec., average

Warm start

2 sec., average

Cold start

40 sec., average


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TOPTEN is original GPS tracker manufacturer with 10-year experience.

We're not only selling devices, but also providing professional technical supports and satisfactory after-sales service.  

  • Original and reliable products
  • 4-6 new models each year
  • OEM & ODM
  • 1-year warranty; 3-year maintenance
  • Fast delivery (Within 7 days for bulk order)
  • Technical support from professional R&D team


Q: What vehicles does this vehicle GPS locator support?

This portable GPS locator can be used in all kinds of motorcycle, car, van, truck.

Q: Does this vehicle GPS locator have alarm features?

Yes, this device will send SMS alert to user's phone in case someone tries to tamper the vehicle.

Q: How do I install this GPS locator?

This GPS locator is very easy to install. There's diagram in the user manual. Please contact us to get the manual.

Q:Can I order samples to test?

Yes. Sample order is acceptable. Contact Erin to get the sample please.

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