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Car GPS Tracking APP For All Car Trackers

Car GPS Tracking APP For All Car Trackers

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Product Details

GPS tracking software for GPS tracking fleet management (TS05-KW)

Price: 0USD ~2USD 
Basic tracking functions:
*Real time tracking 
*History replay for half year
*Stop engine
*Restart car  
*Send out message to drivers
*Show detailed OBD data 
*Driver ID management/school students ID management
*Translate physical address
*Fuel level monitoring
*View all types of alarm & report
*Phone app & platform system

Platform and phone app use same username and password 
You can send command by GPRS by platform or app direct as ARM/disarm, stop car/restart and so on 


Please contact below info to get more details   ,thanks!           
Contact Kelly Wang
MB/whatsapp +86 131 2866 3645
Skype GPScaralarm006