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Global Tiny Bike GPS Tracker With Battery Easy Install

Global Tiny Bike GPS Tracker With Battery Easy Install

Hot selling tiny bike/motorcycle/car tracker in Africa, Latin America, South East Asia

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Product Details

Global Tiny Bike GPS Tracker with Battery Easy Install  MT05-ER

Summery of this tiny GPS tracker:

  • GPRS/GSM/GPS motorbike tracker 

  • car tracker for fleet management 

  • gps car tracker  with GEO-fence  ACC detection , tele-cut off engine

  • gps car tracker with accurancy tracking

  • real-time mini gps tracker 

  • Mini GPS car Tracker with CE

Features of this bike GPS tracker: 

1.    Track on command or by time interval.

2.    Can be armed/disarmed via SMS or phone call.

3.     Find real time physical address;

4.    Track via SMS to get coordinates, speed & odometer etc.

5.    Check location directly on Google map;

6.    With internal memory to store 5520 waypoints.

7.    Online tracking by tracking software;

8.    Odometer function

9.    Over-speeding alarm;

10. Movement/tow alarm which can be used as an alarm;

11. Engine on alarm;

12. Vibrate alarm;

13.  With internal rechargeable backup battery; when vehicle's battery is disconnected, the tiny gps tracker will send outpower failure alarmimmediately;

14. Cut off fuel to stop the car safely on command;

15. Wide working voltage range, from6V-45VDC, for motorcycle, car.

16. Reliable design of framework with hardware watchdog.

17. Power saving design.

Application of this GPS Tracker: 

  • Fleet management and vehicle tracking

  • Car service shops and car delears

  • Insurance company

  • Car rental company

  • Taxi  company 

  • Dropship company 

  • Project vehicle remote 

Packing and weight:

global GPS tracker.jpg


Q:Can I sell this global GPS tracker in Latin America?

A: Yes. This model is hot-seller in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Q:Can this GPS tracker shut down vehicle?

A: Yes this GPS tracker can work with relay to shut down vehicle.

Q:Does this tiny GPS tracker have a mobile App?

A: Yes this GPS tracker can be tracked on web platform software and mobile App. Contact Erin to get a demo please.

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