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Mini Smallest GPS Receiver And GPS Car Tracker

Mini Smallest GPS Receiver And GPS Car Tracker

Mini Smallest GPS Receiver and GPS Car Tracker GT08-ER Features: 1. Built-in GPS module/GSM module 2. High sensitivity, new technique and best advanced GPS chip 3. Support quickly dialing number button 4. Can monitoring/listening and real-time tracking without disturbing the users 5. Press SOS...

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Product Details

Mini Smallest GPS Receiver and GPS Car Tracker GT08-ER

Features of GPS receiver:

1. Built-in GPS module/GSM module

2. High sensitivity, new technique and best advanced GPS chip

3. Support quickly dialing number button 

4. Can monitoring/listening and real-time tracking without disturbing the users

5. Press SOS button under emergency situation (optional)

6. Support SMS and software platform checking location info

7. Can locate the user by mobile SMS

8. Movement /Overspeed Alert

9. Geo-fence and ACC Detection

10. Remote Control oil/power

11. Low Power Alarm

12. Crash alarm (optional)

13. Work with RFID to manage driver ID

14. Work with wireless engine immobilizer to cut fuel remotely 

15. Work with camera to take pictures whenever user wants to

16. Work with IC card reader, perfect for school bus

Specifications of mini GPS receiver

Dimension: 99x52*17mm

3G UMTS frequencies:


or 850Mhz/1900Mhz

or 850Mhz/2100Mhz

GPS chipset: Ublox 7

GPS sensibility: -162dBm

Standard Packing:

Main unit 

4pin wiring 

12V relay 



Shock sensor



Optional accessories:

SOS button  

USB cable 


IC card reader

Wireless immobilizer


Q: Can I use cellphone to take photos with this device?

A: Yes. This GPS receiver can work with camera to take photos. User can send SMS to device, device will reply with a photo.

User can also take photos from the tracking platform.

Q: How many cameras does this device support?

A: One.

Q: Can I use it on school bus?

A: Yes. This device is specially designed for school bus. It can work with IC card reader and camera..

Each time the student tap the IC card, its ID will be sent to server. School/parents will know where/when the student gets on/off the bus.

Also the management center can take photos if they want to.

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