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Cheap Anti-theft Motorcycle GPS GSM Tracker With Engine On Alarm Over Speed Alarm Geo Fence

Cheap Anti-theft Motorcycle GPS GSM Tracker With Engine On Alarm Over Speed Alarm Geo Fence

Low cost motorcycle GPS tracker with battery water proof

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Product Details

Cheap Anti-theft  Motorcycle GPS GSM Tracker with Engine On Alarm Over Speed Alarm Geo Fence MT05-ER

Key Specifications/Special Features of this cheap motorcycle GPS tracker:

  • Basic functions of motorcycle GPS GSM tracker:
    • GPS + LBS double solution, exact street address
    •  Auto track continuously
    • Turning points update automatically
    • GPS drift suppression
    • GPS data logger
  • Alarms:
    • Shake alarm
    • Engine turned on alert
    • Power-off alert
    • Geo-fence
    • Overspeed alert
    • Movement alert
    • Multiple area management
    • Built in acceleration sensor alarm
    • Sleep mode
  • Mini size: 40mm x58mm x14.5mm
  • Real time tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP)
  • Track on demand by calling or sms command
  • Live http Google map link in message
  • 3 authorized phone numbers
  • New functions:
    • ACC detection and alarm
    • Cut off the oil and power, engine stop and resume
    • Reboot remotely
    • Auto location report via SMS
    • Arm/disarm by SMS/GPRS
    • With AGPS to receive signal faster
    • Compatible with different protocols
    • Can connect to OBD connector. No installation cost

Q: Is it waterproof?
A: It's water resistance. And works well in car, motorcycle, vehicle.

Q: Does it have a back up battery?
A: Yes this devices has rechargeable back up battery for emergency. Even if it's disconnected from car, the device will still work till battery dies.

Q: Will I know if the device is disconnected from car?
A: Yes. If the device is disconnected illeagally from car, the device will send alert to owner's phone and to platform.

Q: Can it report location if there's no network?
A: The device has internal memory to store history position data. As long as there's valid GPS signal, the history position will be stored and sent to server when GSM network comes back again.

Q: Will I get noticed if someone steals my vehicle?
A: Yes. If someone starts your vehicle illeagally, the device will send out "engine on alarm" to your mobile phone and to the platform.

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