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All Kinds Auto Tracking Gps Security
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Mini Size Series GPS Tracking Device:

LT02 gps tracker size like regular lighter for motorcycle and cars  

MT05 mini size gps tracker for all kinds vehicles  

PT99 asset/personal gps tracker  

Car/Shoolbus/Truck Series GPS Tracking System:

GT08 internal GPS & GSM antennas design, 2.4G RFID driver Identification, monitor voice, sos, monitoring fuel.

TK510 external GPS & GSM antennas design,strong mental shell,camera,RFID,crash sensor,fuel leaking alarm,speed limiter,fatigue driving alarm. 

OBD plug and play series GPS Tracker:

TK208 OBD desing, gps tracker+car alarm with keyless tag, smart engine on/off detection,2.4G RFID funtion.  

TK228 its multifunctional: OBDll gps tracker+2.4G car alarm+Wireless Immobilizer+Remote Diagnostics. detect fuel consumption, read error code.  

WCDMA 3G Series GPS Tracker:

MT35 3G-WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100Mhz,10V-60VDC for motorcycle,cars vehicle security,track by SMS/Platform/APP.


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