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Beidou System Speed To 2018 To Provide Global Services
- Nov 30, 2016 -

23rd Commission website, released on accelerating "along the way" guidance on the construction and application of spatial information corridor, made after 10 years of effort, built in Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, North Africa, focusing on radiation in Australasia, the Middle East and Europe, Africa and other regions, complete facilities and efficient service "along the way" corridors of spatial information. Comments also suggested that the accelerated national satellite system-building, strengthen cooperation with the international satellite system, actively promote the development of commercial satellite systems and other specific goals. Promote the construction and application of spatial information corridor, is expected to become "along the way" building a powerful hand. In this process, some domestic enterprises in the industrial chain is expected to rely on its own advantages, into a broader international market.

Academician Liu jingnan, recently said the country has decided to accelerate the pace of Beidou system construction in the world, before and after 2018 will initially have the capacity to provide global service, originally planned for the year 2020. In order to achieve the objectives of the global services, the big network satellite in orbit needs to be 35, also during the next 2 years to 3 years and launched 10 more Beidou navigation satellite.

Satellite navigation and location services industry as China's emerging industries of strategic importance, and and raw materials demand, driven by technological progress, showed a trend of rapid development in the coming years, GDP is expected to maintain an annual growth rate from 20% to 30%. Director, Office of management of the Chinese satellite navigation system, Beidou system Ran Chengqi, spokesman said Beidou navigation up to cm accuracy level in the future, will bring revolutionary changes to the industry as a whole. It is understood that China is working to create a national system for high-precision ground enhancement a trapper in trial operation by the end of this year, accuracy of decimeter level, after the completion of the highest precision and centimeters. This precision can solve such as mud-rock flow monitoring, road and bridge monitoring, unmanned technology application, driver training, and so on.

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