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Escort Locator GPS Temperature As The Cold Chain Industry
- Nov 30, 2016 -

In order to monitor seafood, southern region enterprises in the transport vehicle mounted GPS systems, GPS connection monitoring systems constitutes a transportation management and control platform to effectively "retrospectivity", for fresh seafood cars plus a safety lock. The GPS device has a temperature monitoring function, full view of temperature in the Interior to prevent seafood spoilage caused by temperature too low; full locking vehicle line, real-time view of truck operation, position, speed, route conditions are reflected in real time to ensure transportation safety.

GPS Locator is the temperature shift communications company dedicated to cold chain, pharmaceutical industry developed new GPS detection equipment. In principle applies to all have clear requirements for low temperature storage and transport industries and products, as well as emerging industries or new products, cold-chain monitor will continue to expand the scope of.

Locator WIFI/LBS GPS temperature (hot, base station) dual-mode positioning built-in high-precision temperature sensor, temperature detection in real time, high capacity lithium-ion battery, up to 15 days standby. Can query through the attachment location platform to history, historical travel, temperature and strength of the temperature, and so on.

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