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Europe Launches Four Satellites For The Galileo System The Complete Navigation Global
- Nov 30, 2016 -

In Europe on Thursday fired four European Galileo global navigation satellite. This is the first time the Galileo system with a stone four-star launches navigation satellite from its full global positioning system a step closer.

November 18, 10:06 A.M. (Beijing 5:06 A.M.), satellite by Ariane 5th rocket blasted off from French Guiana the European space station. These satellites will be used instead of part of the European Union United States global positioning system (GPS).

According to the European Space Agency (ESA) data, the launch of the Galileo satellites up to 18 (total 30). Satellite weighing about 700 kg (1543 lbs), equipped with antennas and sensors consist of two 5 square meters (53.8 square feet) of solar electricity.

16 years ago, the European Union decided to develop Galileo and setbacks along the way keep--small enough to delay the projects, funding problems, the two satellites have been launched into the wrong orbit, which has often been questioned whether it is necessary to replace existing GPS.

By 2022, the global market for satellite navigation services value is expected to reach 250 billion euros ($ 267 billion). EU's goal is to use Galileo to penetrate the market. 16 trillion economy in the European Union, about 6% to 7% depend on the availability of global navigation satellite signals.

The Galileo system will begin in the next few weeks to provide the initial candidate services. All satellites in orbit by 2020 is expected. Galileo will provide a more accurate than GPS for location services, and for search and rescue missions.

It is responsible for the launch of the Ariane airline said the launch of four Galileo satellites in four hours or so after launch reaches about 24,000 kilometers above the Earth (14,900-mile) track is expected.

This is the first time the European Ariane 5th launch Galileo satellites are launched by Russia Soyuz (Soyuz) completed. Ariane 5th will be held over the next two years, launching two satellites for the Galileo system.

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