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GPS Device In A Platform, Why Can't It?
- Nov 30, 2016 -

This generally is the GPS device is not open or is not in a normal state, you can slowly according to the following tests:

1,if it is in-car GPS device, check the GPS device is correctly installed. Location not too close, do not have metal brief block, as far as possible installed on; if the portable battery has power or shutting down a computer.

2,GPS device if the SIM card on arrears or open GPRS traffic. Details consult the operators SIM card (for example: Mobile: 10086, Unicom: 10010), card debt, open Internet access, Internet access is in effect, set whether to change, if it is a Mobile SIM card, confirm if CMNet GPRS access point.

3,GPS-free signal. GPS device can by calling the above number of SIM card if unable to connect, not in the service area, this was the case. To stop at the signal better environment as possible.

Excluding the above scenarios, if data cannot be displayed on top of the platform, so that is something wrong with the hardware. Need to contact the customer service staff of the device, to let him help.