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How Do GPS Car Locator Remote Control Cars Off Oil?
- Nov 30, 2016 -

GPS car Locator remote control system are as follows: vehicle equipped with a GPS positioning device and control of automobile oil pump and main power supply configuration, wireless data networks, real-time vehicle monitoring center and bi-directional data flow.

Dang positioning platform or APP found vehicles appeared exception, like location beyond company operation range zhiwai Shi, is will issued alert, duty personnel can real-time view vehicles status, if judge for emergency status, is can through wireless data network to vehicles Shang of control system issued instruction, will car pump and total power cut, and according to car positioning platform view to vehicles of location, sent personnel to disposal.

Move link TK116 powerful GPS car Locator is a locator. Suitable for automobile, motorcycle and so on, remote location, oil, remote phones, computers viewing locations at any time. Also have the function of monitoring and SOS for help.

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