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RTK Is, Have Anything To Do With GPS
- Nov 30, 2016 -

RTK (Real-time kinematic) carrier phase differential technique, is real time processing of differential carrier phase measurements two measuring stations, base stations acquisition phase to the receiver, the coordinates to calculate the difference. This is a new method of GPS measurements of previously static, rapid static and dynamic measurements require a solution to access to centimetre-level accuracy, RTK is the ability to live in the wild are positioning accuracy measurement in centimeter, it uses a dynamic real-time carrier phase difference method.

RTK GPS application is a major milestone, with the development of satellite positioning technology, demand for fast and accurate location information is also growing. RTK technology is the key to using GPS carrier phase measurements, and take advantage of the reference stations and mobile stations observed error of spatial dependence by differential mode to remove the mobile stations observed most of the errors in the data, in order to achieve high accuracy (decimeter centimeter) position. It appears for the engineering layout, topographic mapping, various survey brings a new dawn, greatly improve the efficiency of field operations.

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