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Vehicle Gps Trackers For Car Rental Company, Insurance Company, Taxi Group Fleet Management
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Our company TOPTEN established in 2005 and are the original manufacturer & exporter, specializing in GPS Tracking Device, GPS/GPRS Monitoring System and other security products exclusively for 14 years. 

We now have 5 hot selling products: GPS MT05(2G), GPS TK208,  GPSTK228, GPS GT08, GPS TK510

We have free on-line tracking platform, you can log in the following link to experience in person:

Website Address:  username: abcdeee,  password: 111111

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Buy our gps tracker the 1st year for free use tracking platform. 


Following is the brief introduction for our 5 products:

The advantages of MT05 motorcycle/vehicle gps tracker:

         1. Mini size design and water-proof with hardware watchdog function

         2. Smart engine ON/OFF status dection without ACC connection

         3. Check the real Physical Address, Over-speed alarm, Power save, Power failure alarm, Engine on Alarm etc.

         4. Stop the car safely by SMS or website safely

         5. USB configuration´╝îlow power consumption which can last for one week

         6. 10-60VDC suitable for bike, motorcycle, cars, and some normal working truck.


The advantages of TK208 OBD GPS Car alarm:(2G, 3G)

         1. OBD connector, Plug and Play, easy installation

         2.  Support RFID for ARM/DISARM automatically and Identification Verification

         3. Stop the car by SMS, Monitor the voice, smart engine ON/OFF status, Movement alarm, Data logger 8M-bit, Trace Optimization.

         4. 3G TK208 has anti-jammer design which protect your car safely with wireless immobilizer hide inside the car.

         5. You can define the SMS content as (English, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish)

         6. Use ARM 7 Process

3G-OBD-Car GPS-Track TK208S.jpg

The advantages of TK228 OBDll GPS Tracking Alarm System:

         1. OBD-II GPS tracker, RFID car alarm, Remote/Bluetooth Diagnostics & wireless immobilizer

         2. Compatible with all the cars with OBD-II connector, support CAN-BUS protocols

         3. Vehicle's real-time data reading, driver's behaviour and read the vehicle's error code

         4. Read the error code, detect fuel consumption. 

OBD GPS Tracker TK228.jpg

The advantages of GT08 motorcycle/car gps tracker: (2G 3G)

         1. Fleet management, 2.4G RFID function or regular Mifare 1 IC card reading

         2. wireless immobilizer, fuel leaking, speed limiter, and fatigue driving alarm, temperature monitoring, Speed limiter, Crash alarm

         3. I/O: 4 digital inputs, 1 analog inputs & 1 digital outputs

         4. 3G:Camera function which can snap photo via MMS or Platform

         5. Dection of door open/unopen

         6. ARM 7 Process

GT08 Vehicle GPS Tracker.jpg

The advantages of TK510 Fleet Management Vehicle GPS Tracker: (2G 3G)

         1. It is designed for vehicle security, real-time tracking & fleet management

         2. Camera for snapping & monitoring via MMS, email or platform

         3. Lock/unlock the car door remotely by SMS/platform or automatically according to the status of arm/disarm

         4. Wide working range: 10V-60VDC, store up to 9090 waypoints, Friendly SMS operation commands & SMS contents in different languages (English, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish).

         5. You can define the SMS content in other languages

         6. Close or Open door function


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