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What Is OBDII?
- Jun 30, 2017 -

OBD stands for On-board diagnostics. It is an term that refers to ehicle's capability of self-diagnostic and reporting. Vehicle's OBD systems gives people the access to the status of vehicle subsystems. OBDII is the improvement of OBDI. It gives you the following information of vehicle.

 (1) Battery's voltage, RPM, speed, TAP throttle opening, engine load, coolant temperature, fuel consumption, odometer, error code & times, acceleration times & deceleration times; 

(2) Driver behavior data: ignition time, total driving time, total idling time, average engine hot-start time, average speed, history high speed, history RPM, total acceleration times & total deceleration times.

With our OBDII GPS tracker, you can track your vehicle in real time, and get the OBDII data from your vehicle, knowing if your vehicle needs to be repaired without going to 4S shop. 

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