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Where To Get A Demo GPS Tracking System Account ?
- Jun 22, 2017 -

Where to Get a Demo GPS Tracking System Account ?

Now TOPTEN offer free demo account for users to experience the PC platform and phone app 


Demo account 

Username :12345 

Password :12345


Android phone download :

Iphone use Wap link : 

Platform and Phone app use same username and password 

You can send command by GPRS by platform or app direct as ARM/disarm ;stop car/restart and so on 

You can also add mine whatsapp or skype for 24 hours instant contact 

MB/whatsapp:+86 13128663645

Skype: GPScaralarm006

TS05 GPS Tracker tracking platform photo.jpg


Kelly Wang

Sales Manager

MB/whatsapp:+86 13128663645


Skype: GPScaralarm006

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