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Why Can't GPS Equipment
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Why are GPS devices can't decide?

A: the small series under the Advisory of after sales colleagues, summed up, there might be several reasons:

1, most likely is the GPS zheben is broken

Antenna is broken, the GSM module trouble such as desensitization or GPS module is unable to locate are GPS devices problem is broken need to judge for yourself.

2,GPS device phone card (SIM card) arrears or a cell phone is not open GPRS function

For more information phone card operator, Advisory phone cards there is no tuition, have opened Internet capabilities, Internet have entered into force, packages have been changed. If you are a mobile phone card, be sure to open GPRS.

3,GPS equipment in blind signal, no signal

Dial the GPS device through the mobile phone mobile phone number above, if tips can not be connected, not in service, this was the case.

4 If is connection-oriented GPS devices may also be caused by improper installation location

Locators installation location not too close, do not have metal brief blocking, this device is to receive less than GPS signals from satellites, on the installation location as possible in the car.