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Why MT05 Mini GPS Tracker Can Be The 2017 Best Sale In All World Market ?
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Why MT05 Mini GPS Tracker Can Be the 2017 Best Sale in All World Market ?

Below explain the MT05 functions and Price 

MT05 have both powerful functions and best price 

MT05 suit for car ,motorcycle and truck .

Price :14.9USD ~ 19.9USD 

Basical Features 

1.Real time positioning 

2.Car alarms 

3.Backup battery 

4.Ublox 7 Chipset

5.Trace Optimization

6.Only 3MAH power consumption

7.Stop engine remote /restart engine

8.Storage memory  to save 5520 history positions.

9.Smart ACC status detect 

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Skype: GPScaralarm006

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