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GPS Vehicle Locator Device With Ignition On/off Remote Engine Block

GPS Vehicle Locator Device With Ignition On/off Remote Engine Block

GPS Vehicle Locator with Ignition on/off status, no wire connection

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Product Details

GPS Vehicle Locator Device with Ignition on/off Remote Engine Block TK208-ER


GSM Quad-band


GPS+GSM+GPRS wireless network


High sensitive GPS chipset


Real-time tracking


Built-in GSM&GPS antenna


Built-in ON/OFF power, wide voltage input range


Built-in shock sensor for vibration alarm


Support ACC detection without wire connection, real-time reporting car status


Built-in 350mAh battery for alarm when the power supply is disconnected unexpectedly


Tele-cut off (petrol/electricity) function via normal relay, or WIRELESS RELAY


Voice monitor function


Built-in CPU, eliminating breakdown automatically


Check location via platform/mobile app


Working   voltage:

10 ~60VDC

Power   Consumption:


Standby current:8mA

Working current: 50mA;

Peak   current: 800mA;

Inside Backup battery:

Rechargeable 3.7V 350mAh Li-ion   battery

Size of   the main unit:

70*51*26   (mm)

Weight   of the main unit:


Working   temperature:

-20 ~ 85


0 ~ 95%

GSM   frequencies:

Quad-band: 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz

GPS chip:

U-blox 7 chipset

Receiving ways

56 channels

Working frequencies

1575.42Mhz C/AGPS

Receiving sensibility


Positioning accuracy

≤10m (wide-open area)

Speed accuracy

≤0.2M/S (wide-open area)

Positioning mode

Auto 2D/3D

Hot start

1 sec., average

Warm start

2 sec., average

Cold start

40 sec., average

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