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OBD GPS Car Vehicle Tracker 10V-60V With RFID Anti-jamer Immobilizer

OBD GPS Car Vehicle Tracker 10V-60V With RFID Anti-jamer Immobilizer

OBD GPS tracker, no installation cost, detect ACC without wire connection

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OBD GPS Car Vehicle Tracker 10V-60V with RFID Anti-jamer Immobilizer TK208-ER

Features of OBD GPS car tracker:

*Supports quad bands,i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, worldwide used.
*Wide Input Voltage:10V-60V DC.
*GPS + GSM (LBS) Tracking
*GPS precise positioning with A-GPS and feedback position via GPRS at preset interval
*Track vehicles in real-time and playback
*Web browser platform, Smart phone app platform and SMS query.
*Built-in battery, Power disconnect alarm & Power saving.
*Supports multiple alarm
*Supports ACC status checking and vehicle status notifying.
*Use wireless relay to remotely control the vehicle..
*Uses internal microphone to monitor remotely.
*Multiple protocol support
*Play and play, easy to hide and install

Functions of GPS tracker auto OBD

Functions Reports Alarms
Realtime gps locating History playback report Vibration alarm
ACC detection Driving records report Geo-fence alarm
Cut off engine via wireless immobilizer Vehicle mileage report Over-speed alarm
Voice  Monitoring Alarm records report Power-off alarm
RFID management Parking report Tow alarm
Track on Mobile Phone APP Runnin trip report Moving alarm
Store history location   Idling Alarm
 Back up battery   Engine on alarm

GPS web tracking software

Q: What GSM frequencies does it support?
A: GSM frequencies are 850/900/1800/1900MHz. The GPS device can work worldwide.

Q: What kind of SIM card is needed?
A: Any SIM card that supports 2G network and activated with SMS or GPRS data plan.

Q: How much data does it consumes?
A: If user program the device to send data every 30 seconds, it consumes 10Mb to 20 Mb per month.

Q: Does it work on big trucks?
A: Yes. The working voltage of this device is 10V-60V. It works on small cars, vans, big trucks.