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Simple OBD GPS Car Tracker Support Power Failure Alarm

Simple OBD GPS Car Tracker Support Power Failure Alarm

OBD2 GPS Car Tracker Smart engine ON/OFF status detection. Arm/disarm automatically by RFID tag

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Simple OBD GPS Car Tracker Support Power Failure Alarm TK208 2G (EZ)

Main product features of Simple OBD GPS Car Tracker:

Remote wireless engine immobiliser

Realtime Positioning & Tracking by SMS/Internet
Over Speed alarm & Sleep Mode
Geo-fence Alert,Power-cut Alarm

Ignistion turned on alert
Realtime Track by Time/Distance Interval
Remote Self Failure Analysis
GPS & LBS Tracking, Double-Positioning
Free tracking software, track by SMS/web/smart phone

Easy to Install and Maintain 

Forward  the third party's SMS to drivers

Inbuilt GPS & GSM antennas(easy hiding)

2.4Ghz attendance management 

GPS + LBS real time location of tk208 gps obd tracker: 

Using Global Satellite Positioning technology, LBS(Location Based Service) technology(when it cannot location via GPS, the device will get the location information via LBS automatically)

Real tlocation tracking:

Track asset and vehicle location on real time by SMS, PC website tracking system and android app

Vehicle history trace :

You can check the vehicle history trace of the last 90days, you can see the vehicle location, speed, mileage days ago.ime 

Please login and browse our demo account:  username: abcdeee password: 111111

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Audio monitoring:

You can call the GPS device and listen to voice inside car. 

Mileage statistics:

Calculate vehicle driving mileage in a period of time.

Power cut off alarm:

When GPS device is removed from vehicle, or powered off, it will send alarm to user by SMS and GPRS.

Over speed alarm:

Monitor driver behavior in real time, send alarm information to manager when vehicle over speeding. 

Back up battery:

If GPS device is removed, it will can send alarm by back up battery and keep tracking location for about 1hour.

Geo fence alarm / drive area limit alarm:

Set up a Geo -fence for the GPS tracker, the GPS will alarm when vehicle is out of this area.

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