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Online Commercial OBD Car GPS Tracker Device With Data Logger RFID Immobilizer

Online Commercial OBD Car GPS Tracker Device With Data Logger RFID Immobilizer

GPS Car Tracker device with OBD connector

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Online Commercial OBD Car GPS Tracker Device with Data Logger RFID Immobilizer TK208-ER

Functions of car tracker device:    

  • Car tracker device with OBD connector, easy to install          
  • GSM quad-band
  • GPS and LBS locating 
  • GPS-162dB High sensitive locating 
  • Internal battery
  • Geo-fence, automatical in/out fence alarm 
  • Voice monitor in the range of 5 meters 
  • Mini USB configuration; 
  • Get location information via SMS(Lat&Lon/Address) 
  • Built-in vibration sensor, to achieve power saving and burglar alarm function; 
  • Multiple alarm: vibrate alarm, movement alarm, engine one alarm, in fence alarm, out fence alarm, power off alarm
  • Internal data logger to store history position
  • Internal microphone for listening
  • Detect engine status without wire connection
  • Global Position service platform

TS05 Website Tracking Platform 
1. Operating system: windows 2008 server 64bit; Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005;
2. Hardware requirement(for 10000vehicles): CPU:>dual core 2.5G, memory:32G; Hard-disk: 1Tb;
3. Stable B/S structure for large scales of vehicle's management. Unattended design with inbuilt watch dog application to resolve any potential problems;
4. Support tracking by website browse or mobile client;
5. Supports different languages & different modes of login, customized operated languages accepted;
6. Strong user management with unlimited levels, it is self-management for less interference;
7. Flexible vehicle management, detailed vehicle information which can be imported by batch, the vehicle can be assigned to any account of any levels;
8. Strong data handle ability for heavy download of the reports;
9. Supports up to 7 types of online maps (such as Google map, Bing map, GIS map, Openstreet map..)
10. Supports multi-protocols for communication with different tracking devices;
11. Live track the multi-vehicles in separated windows;
12. Send many commands to a batch of vehicles at the same time;(Carry out operations such as: change report intervals, stop/restore the car, snap photo, change the setting of over-speed alert)
13. Four types of Geo-fences: circle, rectangle, polygon & routine lines fences with speed limitation;
14. Strong replay function just like playing movie with start point, end point, stop points, alarm points;
15 All kinds of reports(history report, alarm report, Odo report, RFID report) for downloading in Html、Word、Excel;
16. Supports locating by GSM base station;
17. Supports the global time zone automatically;
18. Support OBD-II diagnostic, driving behavior and Read/clear Error code;
19. Define to send alert by Email & SMS;
20. With mobile phone client (support android & IOS phone);
22. It can run as a service which will automatically start with windows, easy maintenance. 

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is it a GPS device?
A: Yes. It is. The device can be tracked by GPS/GSM/GPRS/LBS.
Q: How much power does it consume? Will the device drown the battery of the motorcycle?
A: The device has smart power saving design. You can set the deivce in power saving mode. It only consumes little power.
Q: Does it read OBDII data from car?

A: No, this car tracker device doesn't read OBDII data. But it can detect ACC status. We have other model TK228 that can read OBDII data from car's ECU directly. Contact Erin to get more details please. WhatsApp +86 186 7663 2963.

Q: Can I stop a car from my phone?
A: Yes. You can stop car by SMS or using the mobile App. To achieve this function, you will have to purchase the wireless immobilizer.

Q: What is a wireless immobilizer?

A: Wireless immobilizer can work as a normal relay. But it doesn't have to be connected to the tracker. You can hide it elsewhere in the car. So it won't be found by thieves. It's top security.

Q: Is there software program that can track all GPS golf carts at the same time?

A: Yes, we have the software program to track all vehicles/devices at the same time. You can track all vehicle from PC or mobile phone. Contact us for more details please. Skype ID - gpscaralarm09.

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