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Plug & Play GPS Car Vehicle Tracking Equipment With Battery

Plug & Play GPS Car Vehicle Tracking Equipment With Battery

Mini GPS tracker with RFID and wireless engine immobilizer

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Product Details

Plug & Play GPS Car Vehicle Tracking Equipment with Battery TK208-ER

1.Built-in GPS/GSM antenna                                                        
2.GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Quad bad
3.GPS chipset with high sensitivity, High integration density
4.Built-in high sensitivity GPS antenna, extra strong receptivity
5. Arm/disarm automatically by RFID tag, RFID identification;(Optional)

6. Data logger to store 5520 waypoints.

7.Built-in vibration sensor, perform vehicle intelligent robbery protection
8.Engine on/off detection, to upload status of vehicle operation
9.Be able work with wireless relay to cut off fuel
10.3 special numbers to receive alarm sms
11. Built-in backup battery
14. Odometer function, Over-speed alert, Movement alert, Engine on alert, Vibration alert, Power failure alert

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